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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have really been suffering over the little amounts of help that I can offer to Paul as we prepare our old house for sell. I realized just yesterday that even though I am not much help to him there, that I have really been working at the new house to make it our home while he does the other stuff. I have unpacked, I have put away, I have tried to begin the decorating, I have been keeping the house clean (which is a miracle for me because I am not a house cleaner kind of person), and I have even kept the laundry up (another miracle) and tried to have meals ready for him, which I am not yet an expert at but I have learned to throw a few things together and he is usually happy. I have been doing all the shopping for the items needed to fix up and repair at both houses and I am keeping up with both house's bills. That in itself is a tough thing to do as I have sometimers disease. I am also taking care of my father in law's business here until he retires and moves up north with my mother in law. Things like laundry, taking care of his dogs, and other small things. I love to do them for him though, so it is not a bad thing. Kaylee and Paul and I will really miss him when he moves. Paul is so tired of doing the stuff at the other house that when he is here (at the new one), pretty much all he does is watch tv (in my recliner, and I get the sofa that I don't like) but I don't mind "suffering" for him to be comfortable. I just wish he weren't so tired that he could help out here alittle bit!
Wow! He really did. He helped me put a cover over Kaylee's pool, he trimmed the dead branches off of the pecan trees that were likely to crash on the patio, and he designed and helped me build a "rock"bed for my butterflies and it cleaned up the front yard nicely. The bed was way overgrown and looked ratty but now it looks fresh and clean. Now, he wants to do the same thing to a couple more beds. I think he is finally realizing my limitations as far as pulling weeds goes and hopefully I won't have to pull anymore from the beds we fill with rock! YIPEE!! Either way, I am not feeling so bad about not being able to help him as much over there when I look at what I've accomplished here on my own. It doesn't stop the grumbling but it makes me feel better just to know that I've done something productive. I have even started MOWING! Shocker of all shockers. At the other house, he had a particular way he mowed and it was his thinking time! So for all the 17+ years we were there, I probably only mowed 5 or 6 times and usually only the front yard where people saw it! haha Now we have almost 3 acres and I am riding a riding lawn mower and I have a blast doing it! At least it gets me out into the yard and doing something I can be proud of and be productive at the same time. It may not look as "pretty" as when he does it but at least I am trying! Yeah! Well, I will post some pictures today of the yard here and how it is turning out.
Blessings and hugs,

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