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Friday, May 19, 2006


God is sooooo good! We are finally getting to the end of the "rubbish" involved with moving. I am praying that God will help us find the help needed to finish up the repairs and re-do's at the old house to allow us to get it on the market soon. Then I am praying that He will send the perfect family to the house and it will sell quickly. We still have much to do there, but the list is finally getting shorter! Praise God for that! We got the new garage doors put on last week and the house looks sooooo much better now, it is almost a shame to leave it! Once Paul finished the painting inside, it looks like a new home! We have both said, "We should have done this years ago"! It looks great. We still have the following things to do to finish it, not including removing the rest of the stuff inside!

1. Paint the outside trim and porch. ( we will have to pressure wash it first to avoid the dreaded scraping of the old paint)

2. Put the cover on the re-built patio frame. (we had to replace some bad wood and are replacing the shingled cover with corrugated PVC)

3. Replace the front door. (we already have the door and a friend of ours is coming next week to help with the installation)

4. Have the carpet cleaned and treated. (I found a coupon for a company that will do it for $48.00 for 3 rooms including spotting and deodorizer)

5. Clean up the yard. ( a little bit of landscaping will just add to the sale I hope)

6. Finish moving out the rest of the garage stuff, empty a storage shed, and move the swing and an old pickup. (we are still waiting for the rest of the in-laws things to be removed from their garage to put ours in it)

7. Replace a few more outlet covers, light covers, and escushions in the bathrooms. (I miscounted when I went to buy the new ones!) (what else is new?!?!)

8. Re-install some trim we removed to do the painting. (only in the entry way)

9. Replace the entry hall closet door. (still has knife holes in it from when we bought it!) (feel free to ask about that!)

10. CLEAN IT REALLY GOOD! (mop, sweep, scrub, dust, and vaccuum)

That should just about do it! If anyone reading this is interested in stopping in to help with any of the above, I would love for Paul to have some help and it will help him get it done much faster as well. I am so thankful that he is strong, healthy and most of all able bodied and able minded to know how and what to do. I am so blessed with him that I hurt for him having to do all the work himself. I wish I could do more. Please pray for his continued good health and that the above tasks will be done quickly and that he will have some help besides his handicapped, "do it this way" wife!


Matthew 7:8 (New International Version)
8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

My prayer for today will be posted just below this post.

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