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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Morning God, I'ts me.....

Good morning God, it's me again, I've finally found the time to call.
I've had so many opportunities yet I chose again to stall.
I seem to be so busy running to and fro' all day,
I have no time to stop and think or just sit down and pray.
I know that I should make the time to sit and chat with you awhile.
It just seems hard to fit you in to my crazy, hectic life style.
I come to you this morning to talk about someone else,
I want to talk about a friend who's son has issues with his health.
I pray that you will comfort her and heal her little boy.
He is her oldest son you know he brings her loads of joy.
He lost a friend and brother, it's been only a few years.
He's only twelve years young you see, please calm his worries and his fears.
He's oh so very frightened
And ease his mind you can,
I ask you now to heal him
Let him grow to be a man.
I pray that you will always
Know that You are in my heart,
Without you there to share with
I don't know where I'd start.
So because you love me truly,
You'll hear my pleas and cries,
You'll shed a tear when I do,
You've forgiven all my lies,
You'll hold me when I've fallen,
You're my footprints on the beach,
You love me unconditionally,
Even when I'm hard to reach.
Please bless this boy and his family and keep them in your arms
Remove from them these worries and bless them with your charm.
Take away from him this problem, that's causing them such grief
And fill them with your holy love, grace, mercy and relief.

Colleen E. Cooper
Copyright 5-24-2006

HI prayinlady! Welcome to blogging chicks!!
AMEN!! Beautiful poem,/prayer.

Hello, how's everything with you ???

miss ya


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