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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is It Really MeMe????

Re-Do Meme!!!

Ok, so I was "tagged" by a dear blogging friend Addie, and although I am really unsure about what I am supposed to do with this, I am going to take a stab at it. Lets see how it turns out!

I Am - In love with my husband!

I want - my life to be Christ centered!

I wish - Ian hadn't died!

I miss - being skinny!

I hear - voices?...No, just squirrels on my roof!

I wonder - What my neighbors think at 6:00 when I take my two dogs out for their morning ..... and I have to yell at them to get them back!

I regret - signing up on ebay!

I am not - an organizer! Man that would sure be nice about now! Any volunteers?

I dance - like a dysfunctional toothpick, with the rods in my back, I can only sway from side to side or scare the children by throwing my arms around in the air! (you really should see it!)

I sing - EVEN when I can't find the right key! (my husband hates that)

I cry - every time I hear "I Can Only Imagine", because the song says what I think my son did when he entered the gates of heaven!! (He DANCED)!!!

I am not always - menstruating!

I make - fun of myself alot!

I write - books for children but they are all unseen in the depths of my computer! Someday I WILL publish them.

I need - a cruise to the bahamas! (maybe even my own cabana boy to run all my errands!)

I should - learn how to ask for help and then accept it graciously and then send thank you notes on time!

I finish - a pack of Dr Pepper in 2 days! (Well, not anymore, I am only drinking 2 a day on my new diet!)

Thanks Addie, that was fun! Now what do I do?

I do not have that many readers yet but I will tag who I can think of off the top of my really stressed brain. I will start with Jenny, and see what she comes up with and I will try Mrs. Thomas , and see if she will reply and the one person I know will respond is my wonderful prayer partner Iranai, just be aware, that she may fill it out in Spanish! You will have to go and check her out as well! And just for the fun of it I am going to tag a guy! Lets see if he responds! Here goes Maury, are you up to the challenge?

What a great list Colleen! Thanks so much for playing along! I tried to e-mail you to let you know that you were doing it right, but for some reason it didn't work.

I loved that you started off saying you were in love with your husband. And then I really liked the second one. You said it so simply but just perfectly...."I want - my life to be Christ centered!"

Me too! Thanks again! :D

(PS - I miss being skinny too. I used to think I was fat in my size 8. :P You don't know what you got 'til it's gone!)
Ok, here's my list. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to e-mail it to you or post it here. I hope you don't mind me hijacking your blog. I didn't want to post it on my blog because I just did that whole introspective thing...

I Am - multifaceted.

I want - to be what my husband and son need me to be without loosing myself in the process.

I wish - I would have listening more closely to what my doctors told me to do and not do.

I miss - my old friend Basie the cat, who we sent to the SPCA after Jackson was born. He was probably put to sleep. Poor dead Basie.

I hear - my son say he loves me and it makes it all worth it.

I wonder - what Heaven will be like.

I regret - 75% of what I did in college.

I am not - afraid to speak my mind.

I dance - with my son in the living room to Tejano music. We don't understand a word, but we have a blast.

I sing - whenever I can.

I cry - as little as possible because I'm afraid once I start I won't be able to stop.

I am not always - sure that people like me.

I make - my husband mad when I point out rather large butts in public.

I write - so I don't end up in a new jacket in a padded room, slobbering and rocking.

I need - to feel like my presence on this planet is needed.

I should - get off my lazy butt and excercise sometimes.

I finish - about 60% of the things I start. Maybe a little more...not sure.
Jenny, I have a big butt, does that mean you have laughed at me too? haha I laugh at myself all the time so it's ok. Just cut it out! Just kidding. Thanks, that was great. What are the odds Maury will actually do it? hehe
Sometimes I'll ask Phillip while pointing to somebody's butt, "Is my butt that big?" And he always says "no" without hesitation. Such a good husband.
Oh, man, and about the thank you notes....I am SO bad at that. I'm the world's worst about sending out Thank You cards.
I make myself do it! Sometimes it is my connection with reality! I am still in training to get them out on time though!

Does it make you wonder if they really love you enough to lie or are they just afraid to be truthful? Is it really big or isn't it????
Ok, so I was "tagged" , whatever "tagged" means, so I guess Im supposed to answer these questions, so you can measure my IQ jaja

I Am - In love with JesusChrist, HE is the best boyfreind, teacher, brother, freind ... EVERYTHING Ive EVER had.

I want - to travel to so many places, Europe, ITALY, GREECE, EGYPT....on extended vacations

I wish - I could see all things is the spiritual world, JESUS, ANGELS....

I miss - being in LOVE & Francheska, my beloved parrot, RIP.

I hear - the voices in my head ALL the time :) jijiji

I wonder - How many kids Im gonna have, what theyll look like...

I regret - gaining wieght

I am not - an organizer

I dance - in my room like I'm THE artist shooting the video, I Love it!

I sing - li ke I have Christina Aguilera's voice

I cry - whenever I feel like it, a good cry makes me sleep soo good.

I am not always - feeling like being around big groups of people.

I make - delicious brownies, mmmmm

I write - poetry or so I think.

I need - the ideal man GOD created for me

I should - be more organized, stop procrastinating, exercise more, learn how to say NO, ask and accept help... need I go on ??

I finish - a good book in a couple of hours/days.

Well hope I got this "tagged" thing right still a little confused so like Jenny decided to post it here, hope its all right, hope ya'll enjoyed...

Hey Miss Praynlady!!!!
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