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Friday, May 26, 2006

Thirteen Things I Cannot Find
1. My files with the car titles in it.
2. My file cabinet! (haha still buried in the boxes)
3. My Calamine Lotion (Boy do I need it!)
4. The spots on my back (um..not to scratch)
5. My 5 seater Jacuzzi....(oh yeah, I don't have one yet)
6. The zapper to my dogs bark collar.
7. The website where I ordered my checks. (I have 5 left)
8. My will to clean today. (guessing thats ok though)
9. Um....The way to my dirty laundry?
10. humour. (well it's not so bad, I guess)
11. The place where I know my 4 lb. dog pooped.
I don't smell anything but I know that he did it somewhere! I just know it!
12. The proper chemical levels for Kaylee's pool.
(no chlorine, way too much TA and the pH is too high, can't get them level)
And last but not least...
13. My mind!
(I know it is there somewhere because I think it is itchy too)

Maybe my will to clean is hidden with yours. But I'm afraid my mind is lost forever!

Cute TT Colleen!
I'm having trouble with the comments. Hope it works this time. Great list. Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Great first TT! Thank you for visiting mine! :)

Have a great weekend!
Cute! I think #13 is normal - because it's true for me, too... I hope #11 is not inside. Ew LOL
GASP! You threw away your cast iron skillet? *faints*

Just teasing ya!!

Your list reminds me that I need to order new checks too!!

Thanks for stopping by. :)
lol at your 5 seater Jacuzzi, now I'd like one of those too!

Great T13, made me giggle :)
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