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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Time To Remember.......

I believe that Memorial Day is a time to take a moment and reflect on those who've lost their lives for our great country. I take it more or less to think of all those that I've known who've passed as well. Not just the military, or the veterans but my grand parents, their grandparents (whom I didn't know but am really glad they had kids!), and family and friends that left us to soon. I know that some of you have read (fairly often) in my posts that my son died due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Ian was 7 years & 12 days young when he died the next afternoon. Since his death more than all the others, I struggle to see the "real" importance of holidays! I am still a mother of 2 yet Mothers day is dreaded, I use to love valentines day until he moved (I will never say I lost him, because I know just where he is!), now, it really isn't that big a deal! Even Thanksgiving and Christmas are difficult still, even after 5 1/2 years. It isn't that I cherished him more than the others, it's just that he, in that short time, was a gift from God and a joy to all who knew him. He made people smile constantly. Here are just a few of the people that I think of on Memorial Day;
Ian, Papa and Granny, Granddaddy, Nanna, Mammaw, Jack, Christina, Uncle Mack, At. Faye, At. Mamme, to name just a few!

Now, I didn't really start this post to write so much about Ian but thanks for reading on!

All of the people who have died for this country had parents too. If still alive, do they still struggle with the holidays? Is it still hard for those who lost children in the first Gulf war, to celebrate Christmas? What about those who died from illness that had no vaccinations? Or those who were born with birth defects that were "thrown out" because of their deformities?, Or those that were tossed or abandoned in a trash dumpster? (Of course I'd like to know how they live with themselves...another post!)

In my wanderings of the past, I choose to talk about the men and women who gave their very life for this country in which we have so many freedoms that are worth fighting for. I hope that I do not ruffle any feathers over what I am about to write but it was on my mind and this is what happens when my mind starts working.

One of the main issues or topic of debate right now is the Mexican Amnesty bill. I personally, not being a political person in much of anyway, still have an opinion. I don't even understand the bill or what they are "really" trying to do. There is too much lying in the levels of government to know what the agenda really is.

Here are my thoughts;

1. Why are they coming here? We are the closest route of escape from a country they are not proud of! ----We used to be proud of ours, but recent years have proven that we are so divided that even the Declaration of Independance has been changed. We've lost prayer in school and in most places in public, we've lost the right to pay fair prices for things like insurance, homes, cars and our childrens education.
2. Why shouldn't we send them home? They take jobs we (Americans) have become too lazy to work, they abuse the taxes, they make us pay for their food (food stamps, wic, etc) they make us pay for their medical care (medicaid) and we pay for all the crimes commited by them by their not being registered here, because we either have to pay for them to be returned to their own country (which they will leave again as soon as they can) or we pay for them to go to prison.

3. Have you seen the laws for immigrants to Mexico? Google them or contact me and I'll share them with you.
4. How many I.I.'s (illegal immigrants) can we as a nation, actually continue supporting without losing the rights and freedoms that we enjoy?
5. Do you see us killing their women and burying them in mass numbers out in the desert? How many women did just one group of them kill from their own country as well as Americans and bury a few years back? 50? 60?
6. They get special priveledges at school. English as a second language (ESL). I have been to the doctor, (which I pay to see) and watched as young elementary aged children translated for their mothers with the receptionist, nurses, and the physician (gynacologist) because they would not learn the language! I believe that any one who comes here should KNOW that english is the language of this country and learn it or stay home and not make a child miss school to act as a translator!
7. Why can't we send them back? Because we don't really know where they all are!
8. Are they really hurting anybody by being here? Yes, the economy, and we pay for that too.
9. Who are we to judge? Well, I think that we, being born here and those that came here honestly and legally have the right to not necessarily judge them but to be mindful of what is going on.
10. How do they affect my thoughts on Memorial day and why did I go there?
This is why. I believe that when a person choses to fight for his country, he is fighting for the laws of that country as well as the people who live there. This means all persons; born here, legally here and illegally here as well. Why? Because they have made America their home and they are human beings. I think if you asked any of those long gone, they would say something like, "If you live here, we are fighting for you"!
I belive in our President! I support him! I pray for him. I believe that it is the people who are in the senate and the congress that are making decisions on what is best for themselves, and not necessarily for the country. I believe that those who are overseas right now, willing to lose their lives in battle for a purpose, would like to know why there are no I.I.'s over there fighting with them? POINT!
The I.I's are not registered here, to vote, to fight or even to pay taxes.

Memorial day is a day of remembrance! A day to celebrate the lives of those who've left us. I guess that I have some trouble thinking of the I.I. enjoying a holiday from work, or another reason to have a party when they really don't know our history, they cannot be thinking of those who fought and still fight for this nation, and they have no idea what our beliefs and laws are or really why we are celebrating this holiday because most of them still do not speak English.

Sorry for the long post but it was on my mind.
May God Bless you and yours, may He protect the ones you love and may our country learn to say no in a manner be-fitting our fore fathers clear headed thinking.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!
Enjoyed reading your blog today.
Undercover Angel--Thanks, I am sure gonna try!

Truth--Thank you, please come visit again soon!
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