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Saturday, May 06, 2006


Today, Kaylee had planned to attend the birthday party of a friend from church, Jackson. Unfortunately, she has been running a low fever and was not going to be able to attend. Fortunately, it has been raining for hours, and the party was postponed until tomorrow! Sorry Jackson! I know you were excited and it makes no sense to you really, why you are not having your party until tomorrow!
Anyway, I am really praying that she will be feeling much better tomorrow. I can't seem to get the fever to go away and other than a tummy ache, she seems to be feeling fine! A little "gassy" but other than that and the fever, you would never know that she was feeling poorly.

Paul and I gave Kendra a car (old one) and told her we would get it running for her. My father in law, Joe, works for the Sheriffs Dept and we get our vehicles worked on there. The mechanic is really good and has had the car for a few days. He gave us a "shopping list" for parts and has nearly finished. I will say that I had in my mind, that he would get it "running", but it seems as if we have nearly rebuilt the darn thing. Now we've spent over $300.00 and still have a few things yet to buy! OUCH! I told Kendra that if she wanted a working AC, she would have to pitch in, as the cost was getting too high! She said, "Gotta have AC down here mom"!

Paul and I have been moving more and more from the old house's garage to make room for the guys to come and put in the new garage doors. I know that the house will look 100 times better just having a face lift like new overheads! Unfortunately, there is still so much stuff in there and we are having to move a little at a time, (the inlaws are still taking loads of their stuff up, and haven't gotten all of it from their garage), and it is a slow process. We have also been doing some work at the new house. We installed a septic tank system just for the camper trailers. haha My father in law got tired of porta tanking his poop to the rear septic tank in the back of the dog kennel, and decided we would be smart to have one just for the campers. Good idea!!! As always, there is an.....
Unfortunately, Mary and I had to help him move the campers to get them situated where his would hook up to the tank! 4.5 hours later, exhausted and bone weary, Mary says, "would you like to go to Walmart with me to get the trailer tank hose and an RV extension cord"? I was soooooo tired but agreed to go anyway!

There is a bad thunderstorm going on right now, so I will have to continue this in a new post later with my prayers for the day. Please come on back by and check it out later on today!

Blessings and hugs.

the joy of moving ...NOT!!!

Thunderstorms I LOVE, though, you guys have been so busy,aftet all that work- I think once everything is done you should all go on a long-ass vacation :) jajaja :)

pd-am still praying for Kendra
I think you are soooooooo right! How does P.R. sound?
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