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Thursday, May 25, 2006

What do you get when you combine a chicken and blisters?.....

(If you want to count them you can)
How in the world is this possible at this time in my life??? I am still asking myself the same question! I can tell you that although it is not toooo uncomfortable, it is an inconvenience because there are so many things coming up that I will be unable to attend! Graduations, and such, but, I am still going camping!
This stinks!

Welcome to the Blogging Chicks!
Neat trick for all the 1+1s... if you highlight them all, copy and paste them into the windows caluclator it will add them for you!
Prayers that you are feeling better soon. TTFN Pamela Lynn
Awww, hugs. I can relate. When I was 33, my kindergarten aged son and myself got the chicken pox together. It was a different kind of bonding experience. Hope you feel better soon. Don't scratch!!
Mom!!! U were around me today and u have the pox! That stinks! Hope you didn't give them to me. I do have a spot on my leg that has been itching but I think that it is a chigar! Al least I hope so! I am glad that I got to visit with you! I updated my blog! You need to teach me how to be more creative on it and show me how to add pics and stuff! Love Ya
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