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Saturday, July 01, 2006


We got back home Thursday evening and emptied out the camper and I started the laundry and emptied all the "groceries" and put them up and cleaned up the after effects of having basically 12 people in my camper for a week. (that is not counting the ones that stayed there all day and only left at night to go to my parents camper...and even they stuck around till after midnight most nights! haha) Paul and I, (along with Kaylee), took our 5 nephews camping. My parents took 3 of my neices and my eldest daughter and her son, Kendra and Kordell. Although they rode up with me and stayed most of the time at our camp, they slept in mom and dads camper with the girls.
I can definitely tell you that there was an estrogen shortage in my camper! Oh yeah!!! We took a 15, 13, 11, 8 and a friend 16 with us! WAY TOO MUCH testosterone!!! It seems that I was always busy with one thing or another but the time spent was wonderful. We went into New Braunfels and swam and played in the Guadalupe at a free park, and the kids had a blast! We went to Landa Park, (which was not as fun as usual but still a nice time)for a couple of hours.
The best thing about the trip was that we were at our usual camp, Potters Creek on Canyon Lake, and this time my father in law brought us his boat. A 24 ft Party Barge. We had a blast! We went out and found a nice place to swim and the kids had lots of fun there as well as on the boat! We took it out again the next day and went to a family favorite, "the swimming hole"!
To back track a moment, I have been going there since I was about 1.5 years old! As a young adult and a young married couple, we have gone many, many times each year since. In the past few years, our "swimming hole", had become a "party hole" and along with the LOUD music, the alcohol and the women sans clothing, we were unable to go there. We went during the week and early in the day and the kids had an incredible time! As did we!! All of the kids, (boys and girls), except Kaylee and my youngest neice jumped off a 20' cliff and did it several times each! I was amazed! They also jumped off the boat and dove and the older ones taught the younger ones to dive! That was impressive as well. Many other things happened and I was blown away by one of my nephews that came with us for the first time! He has been living across the U.S. and in Italy for most of his life and was never here to go with us. He is still timid about most things, but this week, we saw a completely different little man. He did everything the bigger boys did and was so proud of his accomplishments that he glowed! No kidding! He helped at camp and was eager to help with whatever needed to be done. (after the initial shock of how much it took to set up camp and get settled in! haha)
All the older kids, rode a bike off the boat dock into the water and they also got to ride some "rapids" on the river. We were unable to ride the "real" part that we usually take the kids on because the river was running so low. You had to walk way too much. Anyway, to make a wonderful long story short....Yeah, I know, too late....
We had a wonderful time and I am going to try to put some pictures below or above to show you just a bit of how it went! Sorry I have been away for so long but as there are not that many people that read my blog, it doesnt really matter! haha
Jake, you are still my hero!
Matthew, you amaze me!
Michael, you are a mess!
J.G., you can't eat that many snacks and NOT have a tummy ache!
Josh, hope you can stay the whole time next year if you want to come back! are, well,
Shannanigan, you are getting there!
Frigid-ear, you are definitely a 15 year old!
Anna, you are a mess too!

Paul and I love you all and are grateful to your parents for trusting us yet again to keep you away from them for a week and enjoy your company and being with you! These are the times I treasure and will be memories for years to come for me!

Kendra and Kordell, I love you both very much.
Kendra, you have got to lighten up and tighten up! haha
Kordell, you have to stay away from the dogs hair and the water machine!!!!

Mom and dad, I love you guys and I am sorry that the kids wanted to spend time with the "cool people"! haha I am really glad you were both there. I will greatly miss these times when you are gone! Canyon to me means family and you started it all when I was just a tot! THANK YOU BOTH!

Paul, you still have a few things to learn but you are getting the message! haha
1. when you are on a camping trip with 5 boys, there is and will be NO time to sit and read your vacation book!
2. When you are on a camping trip with 5 boys, 2 of which are teenagers, there will be NO time to sit and read your vacation book!
3. When you are on a camping trip with 5 boys and the girls are just across the street and staying at our camp,.... you guessed it....there will be NO TIME TO SIT AND READ YOUR VACATION BOOK!!!!
4. When I've asked you if you have already done something, that is your cue to get up from the few moments of actually reading your vacation book and do it immediately!
5. When I've asked you to do something before the sun goes down, it means on the same day that I asked!

(I know that Paul does not read my blog so I'm not to worried about what I just wrote! Ok, so maybe I am shaking just a bit!) hahaha

Gwen, I am soooo glad you got to come!!! I wasn't sure if you were enjoying yourself or not but you seemed to relax a little! God is sooooooo good!

Tracy, I am glad you got to come but when you say you are going to do something, do it! I am already looking forward to July!

On (or OFF) the road again Kaylee, Kordell and Lucky Boy

Where's dinner? Kordell and Lucky Boy napping

Just Chillin' Cliff Jumping.....

Dock Jumping A view of the lake

There Kaylee the boat goddess!

Shannanigan I'm glad we are not on the Titanic!

Matthew J.G.

Toto Shannanigan

My HERO!!!Milky
Kendra Kordell and Roscoe

Hey look, we're twins.... Are we a sad looking lot or what?

Aren't we cute?

By the way, if you have'nt already checked it out, I have added quite a few items to my new blog and thought you might go and see!


I am so glad you had a great time! I love vacations like that. Laid back and with no real agenda. Beats the stew out of going somewhere and having to see a zillion things in three days.
Ya'll are crazy to take all them kids with ya'll. Sounds like you had fun though. Kordell looks so peaceful in the picture of him sleeping.
hey ollie!! Im glad that you had lots of fun on the trip. I know i did.Tks for everything. I can't wait till next year( if you let me come lol) I can't wait to see the rest of the pics either! Tks for everything!!
THANL YOU for your beautiful message !!!!!!

DOnt think I have forgotten my order, been so busy with the super mega surprise birthday for my grandfather, i have not mailed the money order yet bc I wanna send the "crap" i promised "years" ago. I will prob mail by next week...

You are looking even more fabulous without the 27 pounds, keep it up!!!!

Are you watching BIGBO (Big Brother) ???? Me and moms are freaks I LOVES IT!!!!!

Say hi to KAYLS!!!!

am sooooo thankful to have you as a freins/ sister / soldier / warrior in CHRIST.

take care, have a great weekend,

Sounds like the phrase the more the merrier fits this trip perfectly. I loved the pictures!
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