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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Writing from the heart?....

The newlyweds!
Destin & Jamie
My little flower girl!
My little Princess

The Four Muscateers...
Andrea, Gwen, the three stooges; Erin, Brett, and Jamie, Edie and myself.

Look!!!  They're twins!!!
Look!! The Twins!

A look at some cousins.
Kaylee and a few of her cousins; Mamu, Banana, and Chako

Yesterday one of my favorite nieces married a wonderful young man. They will be working together at a church in Pflugerville, TX. as the youth ministers. I wanted to take a moment to jot down a few things I loved about their wedding!

In traditional weddings, you prepare yourselves for the "boring", the "same O same O", the short sermon, the old music, the same "new" music and so on. You get the picture.
My niece and new nephew's wedding had none of the traditional, yet was elegant, faithful, and held high their values, all the while, allowing the guests a treat in time and several great belly laughs!

As a close family member, in several ways, I watched the wedding from different standpoints.
An Aunt,
A mom,
and A sister!

My daughter was the flower girl (she's only three)
My sister sang (beautifully I might add) the Lord's Prayer.

Here is what I saw...

All around the room!

All as one!

All happy!

He was there the entire time!

The groom and groomsmen, sauntered into the worship hall snapping their fingers in time with the music playing, which I believe was "Going to the Chapel"!
As the maid of honor and the bridesmaids danced up the isle, snapping their fingers, there were smiles all around that clearly showed that "ALL" were excited to see what came next!

Well, my little darlin' and her escort the ring bearer, Dalton (aka Baby D), were next and they walked up the isle without incident (if you discount the fact that she forgot to spread out the flower petals in her basket)! But, in her defense, she was busy holding that cuties hand and the basket in the other so how was she to toss petals?

Then, another song began and my brother in law began the long walk up the isle with my niece Jamie. She was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! With a capital G! She has a permanent joy that shines from one side to the other as she enters a room. She is a gift from God to Destin, for sure! As the room of family and friends watched, she was handed over to Destin and the proud papa took his seat! The family pastor began the services. WOW!!!, they were different but in the best of ways. They seemed to say ---Jamie and Destin---from beginning to end.
Several things happened that really stood out for me and I will try to tell them as accurately as possible.....
1. Jamie is getting NO more allowance from her parents and she and Destin were made aware of this by her father, (my brother in law, who just so happens to be a pastor and who actually performed their vows!) (He explained this while performing the vows) Too Funny!!!
2. They shared the Lord's Supper before all the guests! This seemed to me the way they were making a statement in front of God and all whom attended, that God would be the pilot in their marriage and that He would always come first. It demonstrated that they really were choosing to start their marriage with a clean slate, a new beginning and with God in the lead.
3. They allowed the guests to participate in their vows by agreeing to uphold the vows they made, and reminding them of the vows should the need arise! (this should have put the fear of God into them! haha)
4. My sister (#4), has a beautiful voice! (Well, a couple of them do but only one sang at the wedding...I have 3 sisters of which I am laughingly referred to as #2...just so you know I am not crazy.....or am I?)
5. My sister (#1), (another one, and mother of the bride) is soooooo talented and has the most amazing abilities! And she chooses to modestly say that she has no talents! LIAR!! (I love you Edie)
And last but not least, (and by far the most precious to me)...
They selected music that typically you would not hear at a wedding but fit them to a tee! I absolutely loved the selections that they chose! The songs were perfect! It showed their love for each other, while at the same time, making the statement, "Yes, we are Christian, yes, we love the Lord, and yes, we planned OUR day to fit our lifestyles and to show that we are having a traditional service but in our way and our style!
As the "pairs of attendants" left the "stage" following the Bride and Groom and the ring bearer and flower girl, they each had chosen a way to "depart" the room in STYLE!!! One of them danced out, one of the "cart carried" (as in picked up the feet of the other one and so on...), and one of them kicked off their shoes, undid their tie and sauntered out as if it was all done and over. It added humor and showed the guests that the couple really worked on making their day special and a great memory for them, their families and friends for a long time to come.
(Hey guys, what a great story to tell your kids!!!!!) (in a while!!!)

Weddings, while mostly traditional, have become, in a long line with other things, too political, too "this is how it has to be" and so on. Jamie and Destin chose to incorporate their hearts and souls into the ceremony and it left all the guests with a feeling of "WOW" I'm glad I came instead of just sending a gift and hearing about from another guest! It may sound strange as I write it but the entire ceremony was not only beautiful and uplifting, it was inspiring, touching, and a great time all around. It will definitely be at the top of my "favorite days in life" list!
I believe ithe tone was set when, after all the guests and grandparents and parents were seated, the service began with a slide show, first of Destin, then Jamie, and then the two of them together. It was simply stated at the end...

The End..... but End was scratched out and Beginning was written in red just above it! What an awesome way to start. (Addie, I sure wish I knew how you did that on yours! I have yet to figure it out!)

Both of the newlyweds were "reared" in Christian homes by loving and Godly parents that instilled into them their morals, their values, their faith, their belief system and by nurturing them, supporting them and most of all by demonstrating what it means when you marry, they have a really great support system and awesome examples to go by!


They are on their honeymoon in Hawaii, and I wish the all the best, tons of fun, blessings and love beyond compare! I pray that God will guide them, show them, teach them, and allow them to continue doing what they were sent to do....teach others about God's love in the manner and fashion best fitting their personalities!"

I love you both!

"Aunt Ollie"
aka praynlady!

ps... yesterday was also my moms birthday! What an exciting gift I gave her.....a wedding ceremony that I planned just for her! haha Party Tuesday!

I am one of those woman who loves to go to wedding. this sounds like the picture perfect wedding.
Your photo came out great! It is always nice to see picture of the people you are reading about. Thanks so much for sharing your day with us.
awww!! you said such nice things! i am blown away. maui was a BLAST and now its back to the real world! love you so much! jamie and destin
WOW!!! Sounds like it was a great, unique, CHRISTIAN wedding filled with CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY - LOVED it, cant wait for mine... can I copy some od the things they did??? (like the Lords Supper-LOVED that)

Well talk to ya lata!!
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