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Monday, September 04, 2006


WOW!!! The Yeatts families did such an awesome job on the reunion this year! I can't wait until my computer will allow me to post some photos! We had a wonderful time Saturday. We got there early enough that we were able to do some visiting, some eating and some 4-wheelin'! Kaylee had a blast on an inflatible water slide! For HOURS!!! She had plenty of playing companions as many of the families had girls and boys all within a few years of her! This will be the beginning of her memories of the reunions! I am so happy for that! God has been good to all the families. A few have lost loved ones, yet were able to attend and were blessed I'm sure by the love from the rest of us. Memories were definitely made and many new friendships made this weekend!
I met a few "cousins" that I knew but didn't really know! You guys are terrific by the way;
Larry, thanks for all the help with the trailer! Among all the many other things you did!
Ronnie, thank you also for the help trying to keep me "COOL"! haha You had a smile on your face the entire weekend and it was a treat to get to know you! Can't wait till we all get together again!
Kathy, you all did such a wonderful job on the food and planning! Please take more time next year to relax and enjoy the company! You worry too much! It went splendidly! Hope to spend more time getting to know you better before next years reunion!
Charlotte, I was really enjoying our conversations and can't wait until we can get together again and visit! ( I am glad that you guys are really so close to us that we can do that!) Wish I'd known that along time ago!!! I am thinking that I need to get a spring put in my rods so that I can Limbo like you! heehee
Anita, I had a great time getting to know you as well! Can't wait to get muddy with you guys!!!! You and Ricky are a hoot! Loved the "midnight" run! Must do it again when the ground is not soooooo dry! haha
Suzi, you were so friendly and you made me feel less uncomfortable about being a "dunce" haha!!!! I loved the kids things to do! The mugs were an awesome idea! Thank you for doing that!
Angela, it was super nice to meet you! I hope you and your fiancee are blessed and that you will follow God in your marriage and allow Him to direct your paths. He will make your marriage a great success if you allow Him to be the head of it.
Paul and I just celebrated 19 years of marriage and can't wait to celebrate 19 more and 19 more and so on! God has kept us together and I pray will continue to do so for many years to come!
I know I am forgetting someone but am always afraid that my computer will crash while I am writing what I think! Sad!!! I know!!!
I am already looking forward to next year and can't wait to ride some more with all of you before then!

May God bless all who attended, may He continue to heel the ones that are hurting, and give rest to those that have lost. May he give strength to those who are fighting battles and may he give courage to those who want to give up! I pray that God will see all of us together again next year with more of each family and with more of an attitude of learning who we are by those we have come from. I pray that we (I) will learn how to teach my children the importance of our ancestry that they will grow to cherish the reunions as much as I do! I pray that my sisters will find the time and desire to attend in the future to learn and to meet all the super relatives that we have! I pray for the "patrons" of the family, that God will continue to bless them through their families and that He will heal the pains for those that are suffering! I pray that Paul will be with us for many more years and that he will be able to teach the younger ones by example (and he already has done this) with his desire for the reunions to continue.
Thanks to all who made this years reunion possible, those I have mentioned and some that I have not! (Thanks Phil & Shirley for all the work you did on updating the lists of addresses and so on)
Thank you to all who donated the beautiful items in the auction! Thank you to those of you who were willing to listen to me ramble about my jewelry! And thank you to those who complimented my creations by purchasing them! (shameless promotional stunt coming up......)
Please visit me at my website and let me know you were there! Would love to hear from you. I would also love to have your email addresses to send you pictures and such!

God bless,

It sounds like you had a great time.
Heyyyy mrs praynlady HOOOWWDDYY
Im back, was out of the net for awhile, have missed you soooo much
CONGRATULATIONS on 19 YRS with PAUL, I pray for MANY,MANY more to come filled with HEALTH and ALL kinds of BLESSINGS form GOD!!!

Thanks for the Jewelry -BEAUTIFULLLL LOVED IT!!!!

Say HIII to KAYLS, talk to ya soon :)

Miss ya, Love ya, HUGS

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