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Friday, June 20, 2008

70 Years to Make The Man

This weekend my daddy will be turning 70 years old. He does not look it but his age is starting to show in other ways.

I love my daddy more than I do many of my other family members. He is my hero. He gives me a sense of security and trust. I can talk to him about anything, I can tell him anything and I know that he will be honest and truthful when I ask him for his opinion, for advice or just to chat.

He has changed in so many ways over the last 44 years. (That's all I know, as I just turned 44...and I don't remember the first few! haha)

He has grown to see his grandchildren, and great grandchildren love him and he has learned to be affectionate in ways he never was when we were young.

I have seen him with my children and loved the pictures it left in my memory bank! I do sometimes wish that he'd have been this way when my sisters and I were growing up but he has more than made up for it with me.

I want to say something to him at this point and it is for myself only that I do this:

Daddy, you are one of my heroes and I am honored to call you daddy, Cheif, Daddio, and whatever else I called you growing up. I am blessed to have been given the opportunities that being your daughter has brought to me. Going to Brazil, and all over South America!
I cherish more than our time together, I love talking to you on the phone, I love hearing your voice and I most of all love when I hear you call me "shug"! I love that!

Daddy, I was 27 years old the first time I know of that you actually said these words..."I love you Shug"! I fell to the floor as if someone had just died. That was a monumental occassion for me!

Yesterday, when Mike and Gwen were married, you toasted them with some of the most incredible things, and we all cried.

Daddy, we know how much you love us but it never hurts to hear it. I need to hear it. I know that you do but we are girls after all and it is a necessary evil to hear it from you!

Happy birthday daddy! I love you! I pray that you enjoy your surprises and that you are here to celebrate at least another 20 birthdays! I'm not ready to give you up for a very long time!

Your kiddo,

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