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Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Been 26 LONG Years

It's amazing the feelings you get in the pit of your stomach just before heading out to meet and greet many of your classmates from an era long gone.

Last night, many of my classmates from the class of CHS 1982, met at the Homecoming game for West Columbia, (along with 3 other reunion class gatherings...including my sister Edie's class....Edith, Keith Brown sends you best wishes and a prayer that you'll make the next reunion!!!)

We had an awesome time and though they put up an amazing fight (for the Roughnecks), they lost 21/19 to a team from El Campo, and I'll tell you that this team was ranked #8 in the State of Texas. They beat us only by 3 points. And actually due to an error on the EC team, we might have tied the game but they ran off the field as if the game were already over and we lost the time on the clock so we were unable to kick our field goal.

Anyway, we had a great time and even though I could not remember anybody but my best friend Tim, it was so much fun to laugh at the fact that NO ONE remembered anybodies names and we were praying for name tags! haha

We were all wondering (for any of you out there that have already been there) if you have this much trouble at the 50 yr reunion.......haha

We decided for the 31 yr, we'd do picture name tags! haha hang them on lanyards and just wear them to every reunion! haha

Well, today, actually this morning, as I scramble around my house, frantically searching for the EXACT outfit to wear, I settle on a pair of capris and a pink t-shirt that will set off my beautiful purple jewelry set! I hope! haha All the while, trying to decide what I'll wear tonight at the main dinner! haha Yep, it's all about what I DON'T have to wear in my closet! heehee

So, I'm off to the land of OZ to meet more of my classmates and pull my foot out of my mouth many times, simply because I don't care what anyone thinks, as long as I can figure out who they are and try my darnedest to remember it. It's not just that I don't remember but then about 10 minutes later, I have to ask someone again cuz I've already forgotten which of the fancy haired ladies is which! heehee

So, to any and all who are celebrating their reunions this weekend! TRUDGE ON MY FRIENDS!!!! TRUDGE ON!

(ps...if you are wondering why we are celebrating our 26th yr's because our class officers were no where to be found and/or wanted nothing to do with the planning phases of a reunion, and we missed a year because of that....we then came up with a "committee" to do the work....and we did a great job if I say so let's see if any of the officers show up!)( oh so we kept it this way because we did a 21 yr since we missed the 20th~! Now it's just funny so we keep it going!)

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