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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Life Goes On

Another several weeks have passed since I last blogged. I have not even blogged on myspace for over 2 months now. It seems I have little to say.....I KNOW, I KNOW....nothing to say? Well, it happens.

I do have things to say but for the most part, they come out wrong and someone gets their feelings hurt and then I am forced to shut up once again.

Why can't we just say what's on our minds without fear of repurcussion? Because in the long run...what we fear the most, alienation, will eventually occur.

I speak my mind. Most times I am cautious and careful what words spew forth from my lips, but on occassion, I just want to get everything out and I don't pay as close attention as I would otherwise. I have had to pull my foot out of my mouth many, many times lately. Do I care? Well, no, not really. I am sorry to anyone whom I've upset but free speech (within reason) is still my choice. I refuse to be quieted!

So, here are a few things on my mind right this very moment:

1. I dislike Obama intensely.
2. Obama actually scares me.
3. People voting for Obama scare me.
4. Who cares what the truth really is....God IS in CONTROL.
5. No matter who wins, I will never be a President "basher"...I think it's treasonous!
6. I am exhausted and it's all my fault.
7. My house is a complete disaster, and this too is all my fault. (poor 0rganizational skills and not enough priority time)
8. I get tired of praying for things that I feel will never really change.
9. I think I'm dumb.
and last but not least......

10. I really need to sell some jewelry to pay for the new beads I just purchased to make my business better.

oh yeah, and I need some help with my website if anyone knows how to do that sort of thing and they will let me pay in jewelry! I'm willing to trade!

Now, in other news:

Kaylee has lost 2 teeth in less than a week. She is really excited!
I walked 2 miles pushing my wheelchair with the grandboys in it....and it felt good, but now my knee is swollen again and it hurts. (nothing new)
Paul is working hard and is not really enjoying the football season this year...."GO TRI-CITY COUGARS"
I need everyone in my family to call me for their Christmas gifts this year.....That would really help!


(there, that was my cheezy, pathetic attempt at advertising)!!!

So, if you have anything you'd like to say...........................this is the place...................but know this...........I will "say" right back!

blessings and hugs,

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