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Monday, January 05, 2009

Hunting with the Family!

This past week, I spent the entire time with my hubby and daughter, along with my dad, dad in law, nephew's Jake and J.G. We had a truly fun time together. The fellowship was the best and the food....well. lets just say that we ate like kings and queens!

One of the four best things about the entire week was that I shot my first turkey. A hen, to be specific. I shot her at over 110 yards with my Remi 708 and did not even scar the breasts. I made a great, clean body shot that made me a bit proud of myself.

Second of the four best things was that I got to hunt with Kaylee and Paul. We were annoyed but had a great time together....especially when Paul started snoring and Kaylee said, "Dad's making more noise than I come your'e not yelling at him"? haha That was perfect!

Third of the four best things was that I got to hunt alone finally and even with Paul. I shot a doe and that was lots of fun but a whole different story....if you read this, you can ask me about it. Funny, but mostly just to myself!

Fourth of the best things was that I got to hunt with my nephew Jake. We were having a good time and being silly but getting restless and then there he was. My buck. Seven points if you count the one that was broke off about 1 inch from his main beam. But, he was really a nice size. I am pretty sure he was about 4 yrs old and was not going to amount to much antler wise at any point further on in his life so....considered a cull in our lease....I took aim....and shot. I blew the shot but he dropped immediately and I was again, fairly proud...until I saw that I broke his back....another story. BUT, then we watched as a plethora of deer moved in and out of the feeder area, even while my buck was laid out underneath it. WEIRD to say the least, and something I've never before seen. They just kept coming and coming back time after time. WEIRD! Jake and I were laughing and the adrenaline rush was still in my hands and they were shaking when we saw a couple of culls....two little spikes and two little forkhorns (4 ptrs) that were without the G-tines. A defect that is prevelant on our lease and we are trying to irradicate. I decided that Jake needed to shoot one more so that dad and Andrea could have meat for the year. He took my "Pretty Baby" and when we finally decided he needed to shoot the funky spike, he took aim, pulled the trigger and...................nothing......I used the last shot. He loaded a new shell and took aim again but the spike had moved out of range and site for a bit so he settled back down and took his time while we watched another group move in and out and in and out. We then decided to take the biggest of the 2 forkhorns. He settled himself, took aim and BAM.....down he dropped. Let me tell you that we had one of the best hunts I've ever had. We walked to where his deer was and where mine were and took pictures with them and then did the happy happy joy joy dance while we waited for Paul to come get us and our deer.

It was a truly great time, and I am proud to say that I love my family and the values we share and the ability to say that outloud.
Praise God that we still can.
Thank you soldiers for fighting for my right to be able to say that outloud. I am grateful to you for all the sacrifices you are making on our behalves.

Dad, thanks for giving me a mind to learn and grow and to accept why we hunt and do not kill.
Paul, thanks for giving me the chance to hunt with you and not just listen to your stories and not have a chance to make my own.
Kaylee, thank you for accepting that we enjoy doing this together and that we are happy that you enjoy being with us at the same time and that you understand the difference between killing and hunting. I sure am proud of you!
Joe, thanks for your son, whom I love dearly and know that without your wisdom, he would not be half the man he is today!
Uncles Jerry and Ronnie, thanks for showing me that families can do more than just camp together.
Jake, thanks for one of the best times I've had in a very long time and thank you for giving me a taste of what it would have been like to have Ian at the lease with us, if even for just one short evening.! I love you for that! Mostly I just love you for being you!

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