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Monday, February 02, 2009

It's all about BREAKING

In church this past Sunday, a song was sang called, "Hosanna"! It's a beautiful song. During the song, something hit me, (not necessarily the hand of God), but it was a strong feeling that I needed to think about this.

Hosanna In The Highest
Click here for song video

It was the part that says, "Break my heart for what breaks Yours"! Think about that for a moment and let the words really sink in.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours....

In my daily life, my faith remains ever strong and diligently in place, but my humanity causes me to fail and to sin. Not just my humanity, but my lack of will or inability to say no to something or to run with the crowd, or just making bad decisions...sinning.

I am sure that I break God's heart so many times a day that I should wonder why He still loves me. But I don't! I know that no matter what, unconditionally, He will continue to love me for all eternity! Of this I'm sure! No doubt in my name is in the book. However, if my heart were to break when I err, would I feel what He feels?

What do I do that causes the most pain to Him? Is it using poor judgement, or saying a cuss word, or not obeying something He has told me to do, or just being myself and doing things I know that I should'nt?

What if I felt His pain each of these times? Or, is the guilt I feel, the same as the pain and dissappointment He feels in me?

Have you ever wondered, how many times you've let Him down? How many times you've taken for granted that He forgives you? How many times a day...a week....a month....a year?

What would it take for us, as humans, as God's children, to feel and be ashamed of what we do enough to really quit doing them? How many times do we do the same things over and over and expect not to eventually feel some sort of shame or guilt? How do these moments make Him feel? Is He proud that we finally noticed that we are screwing up and when we do FINALLY feel guilty or ashamed, does He think to Himself, "they won't do that again"! And then we do! Again and again and again.

I am sure that on a moment to moment basis, I hurt him over and over. I know that because I feel guilty for one reason or another, no matter what the situation.

I am overweight....what about my "temple"
I am not doing enough for others
I am not doing enough for myself
I am not publishing my book
I am not being as selfless as He'd want me to be
I dont' want to give up drinking Dr Pepper

Am I missing something? How can He break my heart for what breaks His, if I am not listening, or accepting the responsibility for my can anyone?

Break MY heart for what breaks YOURS....


If only we did take responsibility for all our errors, bad judgments, mistakes made, and so on and so on....

I do take ownership for my evils and such but I am still sure that I do things I don't even realize are hurting Him. I'm sure of it!

So, again, how does He break my heart for what breaks His?

Is my pain, how He breaks my heart?
Is it something that He allows to occur physically, or mentally or spiritually? I don't have the answer....If you do....please help me out here.

Do you have an answer?

So, listen with your heart when you are worshiping through song, you never know what words He will put on your heart or why until you ponder on them awhile!

The first thing that comes to mind is that you/I should find out what it is exactly that breaks Gods heart. Sin. I know that but I'll have to ask my "bible answer man" husband about this one.

The second thing that comes to mind is Jesus' conversation with Peter.
Jesus: "Do you love me?"
Peter: "Yes I love you."
Jesus: "Then feed my sheep."

He asked Peter this THREE times. There's got to be something to that.

That doesn't answer your question exactly but it seems to me like something that breaks God's heart is the lack of "doing unto the least of these". Feed his sheep seems like a reasonable place to start anyway.

That being said, I will still ask Tommy what he thinks and let you know.
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