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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soul Freedom

While responding to a friend of mine in a comment on her blog...this thought went through my mind.

"When I write, I am freeing my soul. Does my freedom touch anyone else's soul"?

I often find myself writing about things that might only mean something to myself. I am sure that no one reads them (for the most part) and that's ok. I am writing about things that mean something to me and might not mean a thing to anyone else. But, then I might wonder, if someone else read it, would it mean something to them? Would this "soul release", have an impact on them? Probably not. But to ponder on it is quite interesting.

I write a lot of silly blogs on Myspace and even a few on here, but this is my "resting place"! The place I can sit, think, pray and just let go of my feelings, if only for a short time. I like that. It's like I know that no matter how anything else goes, God is here waiting for me as if I have an appointment with him at a certain time. Not that I am on here at any certain time, but I talk to him about things going on, things that I know will happen and things that have already happened.

It's almost refreshing to let some of them go and free my mind of some of the clutter that fills the empty space. I know, I know, it's not all empty. How else would I know when to sing, shout, eat, sleep....etc....haha

Anyway, freeing the soul takes little effort for me. Does that mean that I'm shallow? Nah, just easy to read and easy to anticipate. I like me. Not too many people actually like themselves but I do. That does not mean I am satisfied with how/who/what/where I am, just that I like me.

I wish I were smarter, I wish I were thinner, I wish I were healthier, I wish I was organized, etc. See what I mean....but...
on the flip side

I am determined, I am big hearted, I am creative, I am loved, I am lovable, I am...

....A work in progress...

What do I want to be when I grow up?

I suppose I'd like to be....

A grown up! lol

I'd like to be able to look back and say, "Gee, I did that", or "Wow, look what I've left behind", or "I hope I did good for those that did good for me"!

Boy, do I get sideways or what...

When I write, it could be in poetry form, short stories, just plain ole blogs, and sometimes in form of a prayer. Either way, is that not in a fashion, "freeing ones soul"....not the exact same as baring ones soul, because I hide much more than most realize.

I try not to show my fears, my hurts, my concerns, my disappointments and my sorrows. I try to only let others see, my joys, my laughter, my goofiness, my "good stuff"! The bad stuff is only for me and God. (And Paul...God love him)

I write to express what's going on inside my head and my heart. I write to remove things from those two places to make room for bigger and better and sometimes worse things to take their place. On that note, either way, they give me more to write about right?

I write to share myself, to put on paper (so to speak), what I need someone else to know or even somethings that I need to pay attention to myself. I try very hard not to reccommend to others, something I would not do myself.

I write to free my soul.
I write to share my soul.
I feel like my soul is worth knowing.
I feel like letting others in every now and then.
I feel like letting go of somethings.
I feel release.
I write to enjoy my words.
I write to play with words.
I write to put my thoughts out for anyone to see.
I write to shock people.
I write to relieve my stress.
I write to have fun.
I write to entertain.
I write to find joy.

I "free my soul" to share it with others.

Freeing my soul may not do anything for anyone, but I hope that somewhere, someone would read my soul and maybe it might touch theirs.

I write to be alone with my thoughts.
I write to share my thoughts.
I write to meet others.
I write to live life.
I write just to write!

So, sit down, blog your soul, see if this "freeing your soul" feels good to you. If it does, then share it with others and see if they are touched. (by your soul....not in the head like me!)

God bless,

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