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Monday, March 16, 2009

UnCommon Uses For WD-40

I am looking for a couple more uses but here is the list of the uncommon uses for WD-40 that I have found work wonders...if done correctly!

5. If you spray the door to your toaster oven, no one will know that you are heating up your 3rd corndog...

4. Using the miniscule toothpick straw that comes taped to the side of the can, (if it's still there...if not, search under your sink where you keep the can, it's usually laying at the back of the cabinet), and then go to the faucet knob that your hubby won't put the new washer on and spray the heck out of it. Eventually it will turn easier and your young children will be able once again to wash their hands after using the bathroom! They might even brush their teeth somewhere besides the kitchen sink!

3. If you have no doggie door, spray the entire length of the screen door that doesn't latch and don't forget to spray the little hydraulic "closer" thing too so that if you leave the kitchen door open, the dogs can come and go using the big "human door" as their very own.

2. WD-40 will work on blue jean zippers that are stuck....however.....I reccommend that you remove them from yourself prior to spraying the zipper (using the little toothpick straw thing), as it does tend to stain your bed covers if you are laying down trying to zip the pants over an area too large to fit into them. This, however, is just a suggestion....not saying I've ever done it myself....

AND THE #1 UNCOMMON USE FOR WD-40.........drum roll please......

1. Well, I really can't think of any more, so send me your suggestions and we'll go from there......

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