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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


18 Years! Wow. Who'd have thunk it! Paul and I celebrate 18 years of marriage today. There were some days, long ago, when I thought I'd never find the right man. "THE ONE"! God had plans for me and I got alittle tired of waiting so I tried to find him on my own! Not a great plan but I tried. I failed. I did, however, learn some very valuable lessons that I know He meant for me to learn before placing His chosen one for me where I would find him. Praise God I found him. My life would be so empty without him and I would not have loved and learned and shared what I have and do with Paul if God had not created him just for me. After 18 years you finally start to find the "groove" and we are finally getting there.
There were many times I didn't think we'd make it.
In the beginning, I had trouble sharing Kendra with him. I would'nt let him discipline her or anything like that. God finally showed me that I needed his help in this area and I finally began to see that Paul really meant to stay and be a real daddy to her.
Sometime later, I began to doubt myself, my faith, my beliefs, my whole reason for existance. Paul showed me that not only did God create him for me, He created me for him. That's like a slap in the kisser for someone trying to find a way out!
Later, Kendra started presenting challenges that we had to get through together. I would not have made it without Paul and my family.
Then, Ian died. If anything would work against us this would have been it. I now believe that God has bigger plans for us and we will be together until God calls one or both of us home.
I also know that I love Paul like no other and will continue to try to honor him for all he is and does, for putting up with me, for dealing with all my surgeries and all the things that went with them and for still supporting me no matter what, unconditionally.

Paul, I love you with all my heart, soul, mind and body. I love you for who you are, what you are and where you are. I love you for every day we have together and will continue to love you when we are seperated. I love you for sharing my faith in God and for sharing my family and yours. I will love you forever and ever, till death shall us part and when that happens, if I should go first, I will wait for you at the gates of Heaven. You are my hero, my warrior, my love and my life. I will continue to pray for you every day that I draw breath. I will pass on to our children to love as we love and to trust as we trust and to believe as we believe. Thank you for each and every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond.......that you have given and shared with me. I pray for many more years to grow old together, to get wrinkled together and I'd say to grow grey together but since you already have that one down pat, I'll have to think awhile on another.


Hi Praynlady. 1st of all, happy anniversary. This month, my parents also celebrated their anniversary. i guess, it's a wonderful month.
I've been hibernating for a while due to my class :)
Btw, i like what you said to your husband. i almost cry a tear T_T.
I haven't decided what question i will ask but i assure you that you're one of the people that will be informed 1st :) Good luck
Congratulations to you both, and thanks for your comments on our blog and your prayers. Both much appreciated.
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18 yrs wow, thats a lot!!!

What a great, inspiring story it gives me even more hope to keep waiting for the right one.

I want u to know that i admire u as a P31 woman-a prayer warrior, a good wife a good, strong mother....need I go on????

I thank God that u and Paul were patient, found each other and were sensible enouh to recognize it was GODS plan, it was meant o be.... imagine if more people did that, we could c more happy mariages like yours.....

I pray today in Jesus name that the LOVE that u have for him and the love he has for u grow every single day of ure lives. I pray in Jesus name that ure love for each other b like the one described in 2 Corinth 13, I pray like it says in songs of Songs that even the MANY waters can NOT put it out....and I pray that JESUSCHRIST will always b right in the middle of ure LOVE, lovin and guidin each of u. I pray that God fills up Paul with his wisdom, so he can be the "head" of ure household -with justice, LOVE, peace, GODS wisdom....always knowing what to do inspired by GODS wisdom. And i pray Father that u make Collen a super P31 woman in EVERY aspect. I pray in Jesus name Collen that u dress ureself with force and dignity, i pray that u look to the future with a smile on ure face-no matter what she is going thru or what is happenin in her life, I pray that u wake up every morning and give spiritual food to all of ure fam ( ure husband, kids, FIL...)(proverbs 31 -Amplified Bible).
Please send splecial blessings this year Good Father, please protect them, please HEAL them from any wound, from any pain and please sen more hunger and thirst for YOU!!!! (oseas 8:11) in Jesus name a I pray, amen ,amen, amen, amen........

Thank u collen for being a powerful prayer warrior, thank u for being one of God's faithful ones, thank u for ure sweet comments, thank u for trusting me to pray, thank u for ure faith in GOD, thank u for being Collen -GODS chosen daughter and freind!!!!

Have a great day and a great yr next 2 ure beloved usband Paul!!!!


ure freind alwayssss

Happy Anniversary! That is a very encouraging story. I am so happy for you guys and glad that you have found your true "one". I miss you very much! Can I come by on one of my days off this week? They are Wed. and Thurs. I need someone like you, that loves me no matter what I have done or will do, to talk to.
Thank you all for your good wishes and your comments. They are much appreciated!
praynlady, hey
i already saved ure email acount but dont know how to erase ure comment HELP!!!
18 years... that's freakin awesome!!!!! Way to be an example
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